Board Meeting 2014-09-04

Board Meeting 2014-09-04 Minutes

Directors Present

  • Jason Wheeler, President
  • Roxy Dehart, Vice President
  • Richard Gowen, Secretary
  • Don Powrie, Floating Board Member

Directors Absent

  • Dustin Dykes, Floating Board member

Location and Time

Meeting held on Sep, 4, at Richard’s House.


1st Order of business:

Financials are looking good. Card Against Humanity fundraising event brought in approximately \$600. Computer Car Wash fundraising event can be held at Daedalus and needs a date set.

2nd Order of business:

IRS responded that they received our 501(c)(3) paperwork and would notify us by November of their decision unless they had questions.

3rd Order of business:

Business Cards: Need to agree upon the format then each member of the leadership will pay out of pocket to have their own printed. After all the leadership cards are printed we will compare quality and price from the various printing outlets used to determine which one will be used for the more generic cards that will purchase. Estimated spend on generic business cards would be about $50.

Vote on spending money on generic (non-personal) business cards for to hand out at events:

  • Vote: 4 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstained
  • Resolution: Vote passed

4th Order of business:

Web site content is lacking. Need to update our web presence. Planned content creation party after the next membership meeting.

5th Order of business:

BSides hardware hacking village project. Need to ask Mike for some of his throwing star LAN Tap business cards. Even if Mike donates those we will need to purchase the other hardware (RJ45 connectors and capacitors) to make this project happen. Estimated spend for supplies assuming we can get the LAN Tap cards would be about $90. Need to raise at the next membership meeting to gauge member interest / approval of this idea. Vote on the spend tabled until the next board meeting.

6th Order of business:

STEM fair event. The event is Oct 18th and 19th from 10 AM to 5 PM. We need volunteers for this event. The last one was very successful and this one has the potential to be and will get our name out there. Will bring this up and the next membership meeting and have a sign up sheet for members to volunteer.

7th Order of business:

CRM site. Now that this site has been stood up we need to test it out to make sure it will meet our needs. Jarrod will assist in getting testers credentials.

8th Order of business:

Memphis Maker Space meeting. Roxy will be attending an event in Memphis speaking about our group. She needs input from the leadership team on content for that meeting. Shawn and Richard agreed to provide some input for this.

Hours & Info

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