Board Meeting 2014-10-16

Board Meeting 2014-10-16 Minutes

Directors Present

  • Jason Wheeler, President
  • Roxy Dehart, Vice President
  • Richard Gowen, Secretary
  • Don Powrie, Floating Board Member

Directors Absent

  • Dustin Dykes, Floating Board member

Location and Time

Meeting held on October 16, at Richard’s House and Conference Call.


1st Order of business:

Default licenses (CC, GPL, MIT). Discussed the default licenses that should adopt for it’s content. The general thinking is to use Creative Commons for all non-code based content and a version of GPL for code based content. More research needs to be done on the specific licenses and how we would word our exception policy for things that may fall outside of the default stance. No vote on this has been taken at this time. This item has been tabled for the next board meeting to allow all board members to fully understand the license differences and make an educated vote at that time.

2nd Order of business:

Default position on intellectual property. Discussion around IP, Copyright, and scenarios that could pose issues for if we do not adopt a default position regarding this. While this was a good discussion, there was no consensus on a default position. This item has been tabled for the next board meeting.

3rd Order of business:

Conflict Of Interest discussion for Jarrod mentioning his SANS courses during formal events. Is it okay for Jarrod to mention his SANS classes at formal Lab events. All of us agreed that as long as he differentiates between and his personal classes this should be fine.

Vote on Jarrod speaking about his SANS courses NOT being a conflict of interest as long as he differentiates between and his classes:

  • Vote: 4 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstained
  • Resolution: Vote passed

4th Order of business:

BSides hardware hacking village project. We were able to get Mike to agree to provide us some of his throwing star LAN Tap business cards. In order to make LAN Tap’s from these cards we need to purchase the RJ45 connectors and capacitors. Estimated spend for supplies would be about $90. This was raised at the last membership meeting and received support from the members for the idea.

Vote on spending money for BSides hardware hacking project, pending membership input:

  • Vote: 4 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstained
  • Resolution: Vote passed

Hours & Info

24/7 Access for Members
Open House Every Tues. @ 8PM


08/01/2020 - As per the city's most recent COVID-19 update, all Meetups are postponed or moved ontile untile further notice. and its equipment are still open to members!

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