Board Meeting 2015-02-24

Board Meeting 2015-02-24 Minutes

Directors Present

  • Jason Wheeler, President
  • Roxy Dehart, Vice President
  • Richard Gowen, Secretary
  • Don Powrie, Floating Board Member
  • Tommy Falgout, Floating Board Member

Directors Absent

  • None

Location and Time

Meeting held on February 24, at Richard’s House and Conference Call.


1st Order of business:

Signing a lease before we meet our $36k goal. With the market for rentals getting more aggressive and prices going up we need to consider signing a lease on a space before we have met our $36k annual goal. A motion was raised to allow for us to sign a lease prior to us having met our financial goal. The prevailing thought is that once we have a space we will get more paying members that will push us over the goal we need. After much discussion on this the board agreed to put it a vote but make that vote contingent upon an informal vote of the members present at the March membership meeting.

Vote on signing a lease on a space prior to the $36k goal being reached, pending approval of members present at the March membership meeting:

  • Vote: 5 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained
  • Resolution: Vote passed

2nd Order of business:

The Sling Fest 2015 event which will be hosting this year required some money be spent to reserve the park in Plano. While the fee was initially thought to be only $100, it turns out that it was $240 up front with a future refund of $140 later. The $240 was charged to bank card on 2/19. A motion was raised to approve this expenditure after the fact, with personal funds being available to cover the charge should the board vote against.

Vote on the initial $240 spend on the reservation for the Sling Fest event:

  • Vote: 5 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstained
  • Resolution: Vote passed

3rd Order of business:

Recent inquiries from a potential sponsor raised the issue of a lack of sponsorship levels with rewards for sponsors. Many ideas were raised. But, a consensus was not reached. More work will be done on this via email to come up with a sponsorship package that all can agree upon. For now this is being tabled until it is ready for a vote.

Hours & Info

24/7 Access for Members
Open House Every Tues. @ 8PM

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