Board Meeting 2018-03-13

Monthly Board Meeting 2018-03-13 Minutes

Directors Present

  • Brandon Hansford, Floating Board Member
  • Olivia Snyder, Vice President
  • Pavel Shatokhin, Secretary
  • Greg Miler, President
  • Tommy Falgout Floating Board Member

Officers Present

  • Paul Ingendorf, Chief Technical Officer
  • Kevin Horn, Treasurer
  • Andy Michaels, Fundraising Coordinator
  • James Ford, Facilities Coordinator

Location and Time

Took place at the education center on February 18th at 7 PM.



1st Order of Business:

Discussed the 2018 Financial Goals. Finances appear to be in the green with an upward trend. Currently once a year expenses are being recorded and once complete we would have a more accurate idea of our financial standing month to month. We will table the exact short, middle, and long range financial goal for leadership after the July elections.

2nd Order of Business:

Discussed changing website to a more user friendly format. The discussion was tabled for next meeting as no resolution was suggested.

3rd Order of Business:

Discussed switching from PayPal to a different subscription platform. Current CTO suggested implementing program called Salesforce that will allow us to manage member’s subscription and other financial data. Goal is to have it ready to launch by the end of the month. Discussed confirmation would be needed that membership points could be tracked through Salesforce.

4th Order of Business:

Discussed who will be in charge of buying toiletries and miscellaneous supplies. One solution was to have subscriptions for amazon/creating lab amazon account for purchases. Agreed the best way to resolve will be to see if the person in charge of snacks will purchase miscellaneous supplies.

5th Order of Business:

Discussed Hosting a mini Maker Fair. Table that due to costs for the next meeting. The idea of hosting the fair will need to be flushed out brought to the next meeting it next meeting. Items from the meeting will need to be put up for display.

6th Order of Business:

Discussed changing concealed weapons signage to a different sign. We would need to bring up some options and hold a vote in the elections.

7th Order of Business:

Discussed aligning the snack money/reimbursement procedure. Agreed the treasure will come with a method. The treasurer will work with the person purchasing the snacks directly for reimbursement on the snacks for the time being.

8th Order of Business:

Discussed reimbursement for gaming computer supply. Agreed The Lab will reimburse for the purchase.

9th Order of Business:

Discussed donation boxes for upgrading specific items around the space. Tabled discussion until a discussion is had with the treasurer.

10th Order of Business:

Discussed No sleeping/Napping at the lab. Agreed to write sentiment towards this and conduct a vote next leadership meeting.

11th Order of Business:

Discussed “From leadership” announcements. Agreed all signs need to be brought before leadership before being posted.

12th Order of Business:

Discussed if regular cleaning include wet cleaning with something like rugdoctor for the carpets Agreed that not at this time due to shortage of volunteers.

13th Order of Business:

Discussed purchasing CouchCoasters to prevent spills on the floor. Agreed not worth the investment at this time.

Hours & Info

24/7 Access for Members
Open House Every Tues. @ 8PM


08/01/2020 - As per the city's most recent COVID-19 update, all Meetups are postponed or moved ontile untile further notice. and its equipment are still open to members!

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