Board Meeting 2018-04-10

Monthly Board Meeting 2018-04-10 Minutes

Directors Present

  • Brandon Hansford, Floating Board Member
  • Olivia Snyder, Vice President
  • Pavel Shatokhin, Secretary
  • Greg Miler, President

Directors Absent

  • Tommy Falgout Floating Board Member

Officers Present

  • Paul Ingendorf, Chief Technical Officer
  • Kevin Horn, Treasurer
  • Andy Michaels, Fundraising Coordinator
  • James Ford, Facilities Coordinator

Location and Time

Took place at the education center on April 10th at 8 PM. Business


1st Order of Business:

Update on the state of finances. Weaker month then in march, with a + $1800 for the quarter. Treasurer has no access to TXU so set up transfer of account ownership soon. $400 more for monthly expenses then previous.

2nd Order of Business:

Putting together estimate for dust collection for dirty space. Estimated the C&C Mill $5000, $2000 for dust collection 400 more for monthly expenses.

3rd Order of Business:

Membership number changes. Two members left and three members joined. Discussed putting together a end of membership survey to better understand community needs.

4th Order of Business:

Changing the lab rules to host private events, membership only events, and charging for classes. Tabled for future discussion.

5th Order of Business:

Changing Website Progress made on flow of the website, link breakdown, and integration with saleforce. The new website would better showcase events, include reasons to join, and amenities offered. A visual mock up of the website is being built and refined.

6th Order of Business:

Salesforce Integration Saleforce is set up for us as a non-profit. Currently working on loading in accounts and customizing it to our needs.

7th Order of Business:

Hosting Mini Maker Fair We require $400-$1000 for Mini Maker Fair tabled that for further discussion.

8th Order of Business:

Donation Boxes How to track donated money. We will continue with the current system of leadership collecting funds until a better system is proposed.

9th Order of Business

No Sleeping or Napping and Surveillance Tabled discussion. A possible camera in the back room may be needed to prevent surveillance gap.

10th Order of Business

Audio surveillance and recording sign at the lab. There are no issues with audio recording or the sign at the lab as Texas is one party consent state. Leadership agreed the sign can remain.

Hours & Info

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