Monthly Board Meeting 2018-11-13

Directors Present

  • Brandon Hansford, Floating Board Member
  • Pavel Shatokhin, Secretary
  • Greg Miller, President

Directors Present Via Video Conference

  • James Ford, Floating Board Member
  • Olivia Snyder, Vice President

Officers Present

  • Paul Ingendorf, Chief Technical Officer
  • Tommy Falgout, Facilities Coordinator
  • Kevin Horn, Treasurer

Officers Present Via Video Conference

  • Andy Michaels, Fundraising Coordinator

Location and Time

Took place at the education center on November 13th at 8:08 PM.



1st Order of Business:

Regarding the firearm sign. The previous leadership voted on having a 30.07 but a 30.06 sign was posted by mistake. The leadership will would like to vote on whether to remove the sign or correct the issues.

Votes for removing the Sign: 4

Vote to fix the sign: 1

Votes to have both 30.06 and 30.07 sign: 0

4 voted in favor of removing the sign getting majority.

If an issue arises with the leadership would discuss with more information.

2nd Order of Business:

There is confusion regarding members using the wood shop area and if the equipment should be accessible for everyone immediately. The problems are how to track access to equipment, and how to communicate that to the new and old membership. Greg will put together a safety course to be completed by this weekend. Signage would be put up advise members on usage. It was suggested by James that the class may be autonomous that members can do at will without worrying about scheduling.

3rd Order of Business:

Discussed how to create a sense of urgency for signing waivers. The leadership has been sending out emails to notify members of the pending then key fob deactivation for those who have not yet signed their waiver.

4th Order of Business:

Financial Report:

$1535.57 in PayPal, $1000 going from PayPal to Wells Fargo, $2112 in Wells Fargo, with Snacky Treats Account got approximately $500. We are up $1 total this year from last year.

5th Order of Business:

Per the post office, they will no longer deliver mail to this address unless there is a mail box or slot set up. Greg will build a mailbox for the lab.

6th Order of Business:

Anthony and Andy are working on getting a sign for thelab. They have received the required specifications. A design is needed to get quotes from sign makers.

Hours & Info

24/7 Access for Members
Open House Every Tues. @ 8PM


08/01/2020 - As per the city's most recent COVID-19 update, all Meetups are postponed or moved ontile untile further notice. and its equipment are still open to members!

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