Monthly Board Meeting 2019-03-19

Monthly Board Meeting 2019-03-19

Directors Present

  • Brandon Hansford, Floating Board Member
  • Olivia Snyder, Vice President
  • Pavel Shatokhin, Secretary
  • Greg Miler, President

Directors Absent

  • James Ford, Floating Board Member

Officers Present

  • Paul Ingendorf, Chief Technical Officer
  • Kevin Horn, Treasurer
  • Andy Michaels, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Tommy Falgout, Facilities Coordinator

Location and Time

Took place at the education center on March 19th at 8:00 PM.


1st Order of Business:

Have $7957 in the bank across accounts. We are currently up $2592 yearly from last year.

Need a better way to track smaller maintenance spending.

2nd Order of Business:

June 15th, 2019 will be the date for our Annual Meeting.

3rd Order of Business:

Greg Miller will be on the board of the McKinney Makerspace to assist with the set up of the space. Greg would like to discuss if this will create a conflict of interest by being on the board of both organization. The overlap period will be about a month. The McKinney Makerspace currently does not fully have its’ paperwork filed and is a non-organization and will not be an established organization until after Greg’s term is over. In this case the will vote on if Greg Miller will be allowed to be on the board of both the and the McKinney Makerspace until the end of his term as president on approximately June 15th 2019.

Vote: 3 Voted in Favor, 1 Abstained

4th Order of Business:

Art Fest will happen on 27-28th and the lab will need volunteers. Tommy and Andy volunteered to help organize our attendance at the event. The cost of entry is low and the benefit was great last year.

5th Order of Business:

The best next coarse of action is to find a commercial real estate agent to assist us in locating a new location. It will be best for the health of the organization to have one united space as opposed to multiple smaller spaces.

Our specification are: $2200-2500/mo max and more then 4,000 square feet, located in Plano, and preferably industrial.

Ideal move in date will March 1st, 2020

6th Order of Business:

Olivia and Julie will be working on setting up a pottery section in the front area fo the lab. Julie will be donating a kiln.

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