Monthly Meeting 7-2-2019

Monthly Meeting 7-2-2019

Directors and Officers Present

  • Olivia Snyder: President
  • Anthony Alcala: Vice President
  • Ryan Elliott: Secretary
  • Brandon Hansford: Floating Board and Education Coordinator
  • Luke Bayley: Floating Board and Treasurer
  • Greg Miller: Chief Technical Officer
  • John Sanders: Facilities Coordinator

Directors and Officers Absent

  • Andy Michaels: Fundraising Coordinator


1st Order of business:

2019 Goals presented by Olivia

  • Consolidate Information
  • Define our Business Plan
  • Electronic Payment Push
  • Onboarding/Welcoming
  • Safety/Procedural Elements
  • Committee Formation

Consolidation of information on the following.

  • Member lists
  • Currently paid members
  • Keyfob distribution
  • Voting status
  • Waiver status
  • Lifetime/Special fee status
  • Monthly/Yearly/Special/Gifted membership

Defining our business plan

  • Financial goals
  • Space goals
  • Long term vs. short term goals
  • Current membership
  • Expected membership
  • Community outreach goals
  • Storage/safety/inventory plans
  • Insurance coverage and requirements

Electronic Payment Push

  • Payment “Store”
    • Snacks
    • Laser time
    • Filament
    • Special authorized project kits
  • Clear, easy-to-follow tree for purchasing membership
  • Information on electronic donations accessible


  • Welcome email with instructions
  • Directions on Keyfob acquisition
  • New member intro to Lab culture
  • Safety briefings
  • Electronic waiver signing

Safety/Procedural Elements

  • Exact how-tos on laser safety
  • Hardcopy calendar of safety checks
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Filter change dates
    • Filtration system checks
    • Smoke/other detection devices
    • Chemical storage
  • Physical security of the space and property of the space
    • Itemized list of owned materials
    • Identifying stickers linked to database
    • Possible future equipment use enabled/disabled with keyfob

Committee Formation

  • Wiki committee is a great start:
    • Who heads committees
    • Committee formation
    • Committee permissions
    • Committee members
  • Area Hosts using Wiki to document/update Area Statuses/Procedures

2nd Order of business

Business brought up by Luke

  • Push for customized automation for the key fob system in order to track memberships more effectively.
  • Streamline access for financial data.
  • Push to change to electronic payment methods instead of cash boxes.
  • We have been approved for a business credit card. There will be a well defined list of pre-approved items which are part of everyday use. This is to streamline the purchase of basic supplies like cleaning supplies, light bulbs, toilet paper, and snacks. Facilities has a pre-approved budget of $100 per month and anything farther requires approval.
  • We are out of pen kits and intend to order 20 in order to gauge an effective monthly budget.
  • All of the bills have been paid.

3rd Order of business:

Brought up by John

  • Work out a methodology for how we handle committees. Anthony has stated that he will draft a policy.
  • Push for better transparency of communication with a wiki, because the current git hub method is unfriendly to new users.
  • Olivia has stated that she will help with a layout for the wiki.
  • Look into replacing slack.
  • Attempt to have mid month meetings to go over progress.

4th Order of business:

Brought up by Brandon

  • Make a plan for whether or not we will move when the lease expires.
  • We will need to have to have a light industrial space.
  • Need to define minimum and maximum options. Assumed $2200-2500 per month at 4000+ sq ft in the Plano area.
  • Form a relocation committee.
  • Explore the SBA program.

5th Order of business:

Brought up by Ryan

  • Form a marketing plan with Andy
  • Look into a proper air filtration system for the wood-shop that can preferably be moved with us.
  • Look into better safety protocols in the wood-shop
  • Initiate better practices for the keeping the current vacuum filter clean, and properly used.
  • Look into more permanent locations for each machine in the wood-shop.
  • We will need to determine the time-frame for moving.
  • We need longer meetings.

6th Order of business:

Brought up by Andy previously for discussion

  • Look into more corporate giving programs.

Hours & Info


11/11/2020 - is temporarily CLOSED while we set up our new space!

Check out our move page for up-to-date info!

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