Plano Hackerspace

Plano Hackerspace

The hackerspace is just one part of! It will be a place to collaborate, learn, and share ideas.

We want to focus on the following areas:

  • Pentesting lab
  • Monthly CTF (Capture The Flag) events + our ongoing CTF365 team.
    • We're planning to build a virtual space with CTF events, etc.
    • Email our CTO if you want to help set it up!
  • Programming group
    • Visit our Github page if you want to join us
  • Education and tools
    • Topics including reverse engineering, malware analysis, social engineering, and really any topic under the IT security umbrella.
    • We'll also be working with education outreach program to bring this knowledge to others, as well as to schools promoting STEAM education.


Be sure to visit us in Slack or IRC or Reddit to share your ideas!

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