Do you have a project you're working on, but you don't have all the necessary tools and equipment to work on it at home? has tools and equipment that you might not have at home, and other members may have expertise to help you bring your project to life!

The 3D Print Lab

We have two FlashForge Creator Pro printers in our Print Lab. Each of these 3D printers is equipped with dual extruders, and they have heated beds with a build volume of 9" x 6" x 5.7". The extruders can handle both PLA and ABS. We print with layer heights from 0.1mm to 0.3mm. We've turned out some nice, high-quality prints at 60mm per second.

All members are free to use our 3D printers at any time. We stock quality filament in a variety of colors, and members can make use of this filament for a nominal fee--10 cents per meter for standard ABS filament.

We'd prefer members use the filament we stock--it is higher quality filament and less likely to clog the extruders. Members can use their own filament, though. You may want to try something more expensive like BronzeFill or NinjaFlex. We don't currently have these in stock, so you would have to bring your own.'s 3D Printing Resources:

Other Projects

We're currently working on an art project that utilizes some of our electronics expertise--The Infinity Cube. The walls of the cube are 24-inch acrylic sheets lined with reflective material. This creates a one-way mirror effect.

The first iteration of the cube was filled with electroluminescent wire. The "EL" wire looks really cool, and we could definitely do some interesting things with it, but it just isn't bright enough for our purposes. We're working on assembling a sculpture made of cold-cathode tubes. The cold cathode tubes are significantly brighter, so you'll definitely be able to see our sculpture from across the parking lot!