Supplemental Rules

This page is where you will find all the rules which have been passed by the Board to supplement the Bylaws. These supplemental rules will cover venue specific rules, procedures for various tasks and/or services, and more detailed explanations of certain Bylaws that needed clarification.


Membership Agreement

All members are required to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the Membership Agreement.

Dues Amount

Per our Bylaws the dues amount will be set by the board and posted here and at our space.

          The board of directors will set the amount of dues required for membership. 
          This will be posted at the corporation’s registered location and on the membership application forms.

Here are the current membership Dues amounts that are in effect since 01/01/2016:

Type Amount Description
Monthly $30/Mo Monthly Dues.
Yearly $250/Yr Yearly Dues (save $110 a year).
Student/Retired/Unemployed $10/Mo Special rate for college students, retired, and unemployed members
Plank Holder Monthly $20/Mo Monthly for members in good standing since prior to 12/31/2015
Plank Holder Yearly $200/Yr Yearly for members in good standing since prior to 12/31/2015
Lifetime No longer offered These members paid $1000 prior to 12/31/2015.

Those members who signed up for a recurring payment plan prior to 12/31/2015 are considered plank holders and locked in their membership dues amount at $20/Mo or $200/Yr for as long as they keep their membership current.

Education Center


The following rules apply to anyone making use of our Education Center including members, guests of members, and the general public while they are in our facility:

  • Events and classes provided to the general public allow anyone regardless of membership status to access our facility to attend. However, this access is restricted to the times the Education Center is open to the public. Only paid members of have 24/7 access to the facility.
    • General public access hours have not yet been established and will be posted here and at the facility when they are.
    • Events open to the general public allow public access to the space even if the event is held outside the normal public access hours.
  • Member 24/7 access should not be abused.
    • No overnight stays or moving in.
    • Guest accompaniment is limited to the number and types of guests specified in the Membership Agreement.
  • No tampering with any security mechanism in use at the facility.
    • This includes but is not limited to locks, keys, RFID readers or tags, cameras, signs, authentication servers, firewalls, network equipment, wireless controls, logging systems, and any other physical or logical security system.
  • Help us keep things clean.
    • Put things back where they belong.
    • Straighten up your work area.
    • Deposit waste into the proper receptacles.
    • Members, please make sure guests clean up after themselves, too.
  • Smoking/Vaping is not allowed by City of Plano ordinance.
    • Smokers and E-cigarette users must go outside at least 25 feet from the facility entrance and from entrances to neighboring businesses per Plano ordinance.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages in the facility is allowed by persons of legal drinking age as long as they do so responsibly.
    • reserves the right to decline or revoke the privilege of alcoholic beverage consumption in our facility for any reason at any time.
    • does not have a liquor license and will not be selling any alcoholic beverages.
    • may occasionally provide packaged beer or other alcoholic beverages for people to consume in our facility free of charge.
    • Members may bring their own alcoholic beverages to consume in our facility.
    • Persons wishing to consume alcoholic beverages in our facility will need to show proof of legal drinking age to a leadership member on request.
  • Area Host roles and responsibilities within the Education Center:
    • This role has not been fully defined in our new space as of yet.
    • Once it is defined we will post more details on that role here.


The following procedures apply to anyone wanting to make use of the resources in our Education Center.

  • If you notice any issues or have problems with anything in the facility please let someone in leadership know right away
    • If a leadership member is not at the facility you can email
  • Training room reservations and meetup announcements for events should be requested using our event creation form
    • Here is the link to the event creation form:
  • Laptop and other equipment checkout for use should be requested using our equipment request form
    • Here is the link to the equipment request form:
    • Teachers checking out equipment for their class to use should indicate that on the form
  • 3D Printer and other large equipment reservation times should be requested using our large equipment time slot request form
    • Here is the link to the large equipment time slot request form:

General Rules and Clarifications

Membership Points

We wanted to further clarify membership points as defined in our Bylaws.

Here is they text from the Bylaws section on membership points:


Members can be awarded Membership Points (Points) for various things they do that benefit the space. 
          Points can be redeemed for items purchased from and/or used to reduce a member's dues. 
          Points can be earned by:
                  * Bringing in donations from third parties (cumulative throughout the year) $100 gets 1 Point, 
                         then an additional point every $200 thereafter.
                  * Running a public event of ten or more attendees or class of five or more earns 1 Point. 
                         Only one member can receive a Point award per event or class.
                  * Performing a substantive, significant service to TheLAB.MS (as determined by the Board of Directors). 
                         For example: a cleanup event, organizing a large scale party, donor event, etc.
      Things Points can be redeemed for:
                Get 1 month of Member status for no charge.
                Other, as determined by the Board of Directors.

      The Treasurer shall maintain record of Points.

      Points have no cash value, and they expire 12 months after issuance. 
      Points may be transferred from member to member by contacting the Treasurer.


Here is some clarification on the membership points:

  • The term LabCoins is also used to reference membership points.
  • Points earned from bringing in third party donations are awarded when the end of fiscal year data is calculated.
    • Third party donations credited to a member through Dec 31st will count towards that fiscal years point award for that member
    • If multiple members worked on securing the same third party donation then they will each get credited for a percentage of that donation
    • The membership points will be credited and reported to members at approximately the same time that end of year receipts are sent out
  • The term ‘public event with ten or more attendees’ was meant to refer to our larger events such as SlingFest or BSidesDFW.
    • Only one person can receive a single membership point per event and the board will determine which member gets the point
  • The term ‘class of five or more’ was meant to refer to a class lesson plan being taught and not each instance of teaching that class
    • For example, the Arduino class that was put together to teach at local libraries would qualify in its entirety for a single point, not one point per library it was taught at
    • Only one person can receive a single membership point per class lesson plan and the board will determine which member gets the point
  • Those services that the board deems significant enough to merit a membership point will be identified and communicated to the membership
  • In the Bylaws sections on Area Hosts it mentions the possibility of members being able to earn points by taking on this responsibility at the discretion of the board.
    • This role has not been fully defined in our new space as of yet.
    • Once it is defined we will post more details on how membership points can be eared from it here.

Here are some rule supplements in regards to membership points:

  • Additional ways that members can earn points:
    • Members can be rewarded for time they volunteer helping with events and classes and other tasks.
      • Each 20 hours a member volunteers can be redeemed for a membership point.
  • Additional items that points can be redeemed for:
    • One first generation ‘conceptual intercourse’ t-shirt

Hours & Info

24/7 Access for Members
Open House Every Tues. @ 8PM

Meetup Feed

  • Python Programming for Everyone 2019-08-18 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM - Plano's Makerspace (1915 N Central Expy Ste 370, Plano, TX) • What we'll do:Do you have an interest in in one of the easiest and most prolific languages of our time? Come and join as as we work on Python projects and share our experiences. This meetup we will bring our own projects and work on them, discuss them (and other Python things), and help…
  • Build Party: Red Bull Soapbox Race 2019-08-20 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM - Plano's Makerspace (1915 N Central Expy Ste 370, Plano, TX) The Red Bull Soapbox Race is Sept 28th. We've got a frame, and it needs some work (e.g. drop weight, raise wheels). Let's jump on it! Tools needed:* Something that can cut steel (angle grinder and/or handheld plasma cutter would be ideal)* large wheels to replace existing ones Here's our current project board:
  • Amateur Woodworking 2019-08-20 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM - Plano's Makerspace (1915 N Central Expy Ste 370, Plano, TX) Standing meeting for general woodworking topics, project planning/ sharing and skills transfer. Look for individual events for specific project work. RSVP at this link, not on this Meetup Page.

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