Don Powrie has volunteered to lead us in designing and manufacturing a wearable electronics project. We are looking for input and participation in hardware design, software development, and marketing. At the end of the design phase we will launch a kickstarter as a fundraiser for TheLab.ms.

  • The electronic design and software will be open source.

  • Designed to be modded / hacked with your own code.


The Product

The finished product will be a black printed circuit board with 64 surface mounted red/green/blue LEDs, a sweet microcontroller, and 4 expansion conntectors to allow the boards to be interconnected to produce larger displays.

It will be powered by either a micro usb port or by coin cells.

It can be programmed using in several way like a traditional hardware development platform. It can also be controlled iexternally by a number of different devices such as Arduino, TI Launchpad, Pi, and more. Or for the less programatically inclined it can be given simple instructions on what to display via a micro usb port.

How you can help:

Video Production

Kickstarter Campaign Planning

Firmware Development

Become a member


When and where we meet:

We meet weekly on Thursday nights. Details can be found on our meetup.com site

Code repository

Until our crowd funding campaign is launched we have restricted access to our code on TheLab.ms GitHub

If you are interested in contributing to the code before this restriction is lifted please contact TheLab.ms leadership to be added to the project.